BVC Centravac Ducted Vacuum Systems

Premium quality Ducted Vacuum Systems made in Germany


BVC Centravac are the first choice for home owners Australia wide wanting the best ducted vacuum available for their home.


BVC Ducted Vacuums have been manufactured to the highest standards in Northern Bavaria Germany for over 25 years. The quality manufacturing process starts with an electrolytic galvanised steel body which is then powder coated. The body has a strong, sound absorbing mounting system to attach it to the wall in your garage (or suitable storage area)

The ducted vacuums are powered by a Domel brand motor and have an externally mounted “E box” which keeps the electronic controls separate from the motor and features a “soft start” system to extend motor life.

BVC ducted vacuum systems are designed to operate as a cyclonic bagless unit using a Cordura filter which is a weighted filter designed to prevent dirt building up on it. You never need to remove the filter like other bagless machines. BVC understands that not everyone wants a bagless system. Some people don’t want to see the dirt in the bucket when emptying it. All BVC ducted vacuums come set up to operate with a disposable material bag. You just remove the bucket, unclip the bag and throw it away without seeing the dirt. The advantage of this system over other bag systems on the market is that all BVC ducted vacuums have the Cordura filter so if the bag breaks the motor is always protected although this is unlikely due to the strong material bag. Most bag machines just use a paper bag system. If the bag gets a hole or moisture is vacuumed causing the bag to deteriorate and leak, dirt gets pumped straight through the expensive motor voiding any warranty.



BVC ducted vacuums are very quiet operating at 63 decibels. A muffler is available quietening them by a further 8 decibels. While the air coming out of the exhaust is very clean due to the extremely fine filtration of the Cordura filter, BVC ducted vacuums are also fitted with a Hepa filter making the filtration c;lose to 100%. This is the ideal system for anyone suffering allergies. While all ducted vacuums filter all the dust away from the area you are vacuuming, most systems are prone to leaving the area that the motor is mounted          (usually the garage) full of dust. This is simply not a problem with BVC ducted vacuum systems


When you are building your dream home tell your builder that you don’t want just any ducted vacuum. You want the best ducted vacuum, you want a BVC Centravac.


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